AIX   Tips & Tricks
A Beginner's Guide To LVM - Page 3
Adding a fileset to a SPOT
AIX - Boot Tips
AIX - Tips and Tricks - Part III
AIX - Tips and Tricks - Part IV
AIX - Tips and Tricks - Part V
AIX - Tips n Tricks - Part I
AIX - Tips n Tricks - Part II
AIX Acronyms
AIX and USB memory sticks
AIX- Devices
AIX Disk Queue Depth Tuning for Performance
AIX Install packages, upgrade, patching commands
AIX Links
AIX LVM Cheat Sheet
AIX Misc Commands
AIX Network commands
AIX ODM Commands
AIX Page Space Commands
AIX performance tips and tricks
AIX PowerHA (HACMP) Commands
AIX Print commands
AIX Scheduling commands
AIX Subsystem Commands
AIX System Dump Commands
AIX System Recovery Tips and Techniques
AIX Technology Level update strategies-Different supported ways of updating AIX to a new Technology Level (TL) version
AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications
AIX User Attributes In Depth
AIX User commands
AIX Version 7.1 Editions
AIX Version 7.1 -features & benifits
AIX-Backup and Recovery
Automatically e-mail error report entries
Backup commands in AIX
Basic UNIX and LINUX commands with examples
Booting in Maintenance Mode
Brian Smith's AIX Projects
Capped Mode Vs Uncapped Mode
CHMOD command examples
Cloning rootvg using alt_disk_copy
Compressing files under Linux or UNIX cheat sheet
Configure NTP on AIX
Console Emulation commands in AIX
Conversion Between Inline and Outline JFS2 Filesystem Logs
Conversion of a JFS to JFS2 filesystem
Copying a complete logical volume
Creating and restoring a savevg backup without preserving mirrors
Decoding hdisk PVID's on AIX
Decommission AIX partition
Delete Multiple Default Gateways
Device Administration-AIX
Device Management in AIX
Device Related Commands in AIX
Difference between major and minor number
Easy Ways to Trace VSCSI Configuration with AIX
entstat equivalent for FC adapters in AIX.
Erasing disks AIX
Ether Channel Setup AIX
Every possible UNIX/Linux file permission: Listed and explained (All 4,096 of them)
Export a Share in Windows to AIX using CIFS
fuser Command
HEAD command examples in UNIX / Linux
How can I apply an efix or ifix?
How can I directly read out the VGDA of a PV (hdisk)?
How to Add a Disk on AIX LVM
How to determine if AIX uses a 32-bit kernel or 64-bit kernel ?
How to exit system console from HMC?
How to fix BLV of AIX
How to Set Up sar AIX
How to setup user managed GPFS cluster using db2cluster utility.
How to tell which PowerVM Editions feature was ordered
HOWTO determine installed Technology Level
HOWTO determine the MAC address of a network interface
HOWTO Recreate boot logical volume (BLV)
IBM AIX LPAR Performance
IBM AIX TCP Traffic Regulation
Important Files In AIX
Install AIX from scratch with screenshots
Install openssh on AIX 7.1
Installation specific commands in AIX
Introducing SMIT
j2restore:Restore your mistakenly deleted files in jfs2 file system
KDB Commands
Listing mksysb image details
Login Sequence in AIX
LPAR facts
lsof - List open files
Managing Disks and File Systems on AIX
Migrate Data using mirroring to migrate data
Migrate data using the direct copy method
Migrate data using the migratepv command
Migrating data
Migrating to AIX 7.1 with nimadm
Moving FS from one volume group to Volume Group
MustGather: Performance, hang, or high CPU issues with WebSphere Application Server on AIX
Network File System (NFS) Concepts
Network Related commands in AIX
Networking [AIX]
NIM Commands
nmon command
Object Data Manager (ODM)
Online migration of a file system to a smaller physical volume
OpenSource Tools for AIX
Optimizing AIX 7 network performance: Part 1, Network overview - Monitoring the hardware
Optimizing AIX 7 network performance: Part 2, NFS monitoring and tuning
Optimizing AIX 7 network performance: Part 3, Monitoring your network packets and tuning the network
Optimizing AIX 7 performance: Part 1, Disk I/O overview and long-term monitoring tools (sar, nmon, and topas)
Optimizing AIX 7 performance: Part 2, Monitoring logical volumes and analyzing the results
Optimizing AIX 7 performance: Part 3, Tune with ioo, filemon, fileplace, JFS and JFS2
Paging [AIX]
Paging Space Administration -AIX
Paging space best practices
Performance Monitoring and Tuning
Practical AIX troubleshooting
Printer AIX
Quickly and Easily Convert Between Storage Size Units
Quickly estimating mksysb size on AIX
Read password without showing / displaying on the screen
Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX
Recovery from LED 552, 554, or 556 in AIX
Remote X11 Windows to AIX
Removing ODM information of a logical volume
Repairing File Systems with fsck in AIX V5 (LED 517 or 518)
Replace a “Hot Swap” mirrored rootvg disk (hdisk1)
Resolving LED code 555-AIX
Restoring individual files from a mksysb image
rpc.mountd Will Not Start
Running with Tripwire
SCP command examples - linux / unix
Short forms related to IBM AIX
Simulating dropped TCP/IP packets on IBM AIX
Smitty /Smit Fast Path Commands
Software Installation & Maintenance- AIX
Software management in AIX
Some Interesting Facts About mksysb
Some tips and techniques for managing GPFS file systems
SRC (System Resource Controller)commands in AIX
Start up - Shutdown AIX
Step-by-step guide to IBM Power Systems firmware update
Steps To Increase/Decrease A FS Size-AIX
Steps to Virtualize a VIO CD-ROM
Syntax for /etc/inittab
System Dump [AIX]
System Hangs at c33 with an LFT - AIX
System Resource Control (SRC)
TAIL command examples in UNIX / Linux
Tar command examples
TCP/IP commands
Too many open files
Translate/ tr command examples in unix and linux
Troubleshooting process hangs caused by JFS2 inode with an empty extended attribute entry
Understanding AIX Volume Group limitations and types
Understanding viostat -adapter vfchost output
Uninstalling on AIX using SMIT
Uninstalling on AIX using the command line
UNIQ command examples in unix and linux
Unix Create a Symbolic Link
Unix/Linux find command examples
Unix-File systems Basics
Up and down the directory tree
Using AIX Tools to Debug Network Problems
Using uuencode to embed binaries in scripts and copy/paste transfer files between servers
Versions POWER/PowerPC releases
VMM concepts


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