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MobaXterm free Xserver and SSH client

Recently when I am browsing internet  for Unix connectivity tools I came across a wonderful tool called MobaXterm. As per the MobaXterm team  its "an enhanced terminal for Windows with an X11 server, a tabbed SSH client and several other network tools for remote computing (VNC, RDP, telnet, rlogin). MobaXterm brings all the essential UNIX commands to Windows desktop, in a single portable exe file which works out of the box".

Downaload:There are two different versions available, one is free version and other is Pro.
I think free version is good enough to accommodate our daily tasks. If you still  feel you need  more then  go for Pro.

Download Link

The following are  the key features mentioned by them.

Key Features:
  • Free X server fully configured (based on Xorg)
  • Tabbed terminal based on PuTTY / MinTTY with antialiased fonts and macro support
  • Easy DISPLAY exportation from any remote host
  • X11-Forwarding capability in OpenSSH
  • Several Unix/Linux commands based on Cygwin (rsync, wget, sed, awk, grep, cd, ls, cat, cp, ...)
  • A session manager with all the network clients you need: RDP, VNC, SSH, telnet, rsh, FTP, SFTP and XDMCP
  • Program without installation that you can start from an USB stick
  • Light and portable application, packaged in a single executable

I am really enthralled by the features its offering.Here are few snippets.

1) Inbuilt Unix Command Support :
When you open MobaXterm  it will automatically  open session which supports many of Unix/Linux based commands  (ls, cd, grep, awk, tail, cut, sed, wget, rsync, telnet, ssh, rlogin, rsh etc ) based on Cygwin. You can further add packages using this link plugins.

2)Tabbed Sessions:
When ever you open a session , it will be open as tabbed session, just like Putty Connection Manager.
You can also save your session along with usernames and passwords

The SSH connection configured with automatic X-11 forwarding.You can use this as fully configured "X server " and also supports OpenGL.

4) Automatic SFTP Support:
A SFTP session is automatically opened when you open a ssh session on leftside. You can  download or upload files directly with a drag and drop from/to the remote server.You  can also  edit And save the files with one click open it in MobiXeditor or  which ever the text editor on your system.

5) Remote Windows Connections using RDP: 
  You can access the remote windows machines using RDP adding as connection.

6) Split-mode Terminal:
you can display up to 4 terminals at the same time in the main window. It is very useful for monitoring 4 remote computers or for comparing outputs of 2 terminals.

7) Multiple Sessions Support:
It will support various session types like SSH,RSH,Telnet,Xdmcp,RDP,VNC, SFTP,FTP many more.

8) Muti Execution Mode:
There us a facility just klike PuttyCM, You can run one single command in all the open sessions.But be more cautious when you are using this facility, need to be careful on which sessions you are running this.

There are lot more features and further information you can refer the following link.
more features link

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