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AIX 6.1 WPAR Commands

 AIX 6.1 WPAR Commands

Most of these commands are only runnable by root user for the Global LPAR (Global Environment).

chwpar Modifies dynamically the configuration options of the WPAR even when it is running.

clogin Provides a mechanism for the root user to log in or run a command within a workload partition. The “clogin” command uses a pseudo-terminal allocated on the Global Environment (see in the mobility part the impact of this) and creates a login shell running which belongs to the workload partition.

lswpar Prints information about WPARs

mkwpar Specific for System WPAR - Builds the infrastructure and the configuration file. Then it creates and populates the WPARs file systems. Allocate the specified resources as well as the WLM information (if any) and eventually starts it. Specifying whether the workload partitions should be automatically started on system boot or when /etc/rc.wpars is executed.

startwpar Activates the System WPAR defined with mkwpar

wparexec Specific for Application WPAR – Builds, create specification file and eventually starts the Application WPAR

rebootwpar Stops and resumes a System Workload Partition. It cannot be run within a WPAR

rmwpar Deletes the specified Workload Partition from the system as well as its configuration and its WLM profile

stopwpar Kills the WPAR and deallocate all resources belonging to it. It removes the Application WPAR

syncwpar Specific to System WPAR - Synchronizes the software installed in the global shared parts (usually /usr and /opt) with the workload partition's root part.

Note: The mkwpar and chwpar can update the global file /etc/wpars
Note: /etc/rc.wpars: Specific to System WPAR - this script is run at main system boot it invokes the startwpar command on all workload partitions with the autostart option.

Some commands have different or enhanced behavior in a WPAR environment. The list includes acctcom, acctctl, df, domainname, hosted, hostname, ifconfig, ioo, ipcrm, ipcs, mkclass, mount, netstat, nfso, no, projctl, ps , schedo, uname, vmo, wlmstat, wlmtune, wlmcntrl. This change is described in the AIX 6 documentation.

The simplest way to administrate WPARs using command lines (CLI) is to issue the command smitty wpar which will provide the interface to these commands.

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