Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Installation methods available for AIX

There are 3 types of installation in AIX, they are:-

1. Complete Overwrite Installation
2. Preservation Installation
3. Migration Installation



An installation method that completely overwrites an existing version of the Base Operating System that is installed on your system. This procedure may impair recovery of data or destroy all existing data on your hard drives. Be sure to back up your system before doing a complete overwrite installation.


An installation method used when a previous version of the Base Operating System (BOS) is installed on your system and you want to preserve the user data in the root volume group. However, this method overwrites the /usr, /tmp, /var, and / (root) file systems, so any user data in these directories is lost. System configuration must be done after doing a preservation installation.


An installation method for upgrading AIX Version 5.3 or later to the current release while preserving the existing root volume group. This method preserves the /usr, /tmp, /var, and / (root) file systems, as well as the root volume group, logical volumes, and system configuration files. Migration is the default installation method for, and can only be used on, an AIX Version 5.3 or later machine.

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