Saturday, 24 August 2013

Procedure to rename Logical volume name -AIX

The following procedure describes how to rename a logical volume without losing data on the logical volume.

In the following examples, the logical volume name is changed from lv00 to lv33.

1) Unmount all file systems associated with the logical volume, by typing:

unmount /FSname( here testfs1)
Where FSname is the full name of a file system.
  • Theunmountcommand fails if the file system you are trying to unmount is currently being used. The unmount command executes only if none of the file system's files are open and no user's current directory is on that device.
  • Another name for the unmount command is umount. The names are interchangeable.

2) Rename the logical volume, by typing:

chlv -n NewLVname OldLVname

Where the-nflag specifies the new logical volume name (NewLVname) and OldLVname is the name you want to change.

For example:
chlv -n lv33 lv00

Note:If you rename a JFS or JFS2 log, the system prompts you to run the chfs command on filesystems that use the renamed log device.

3) Remount the file systems you unmounted in step1by typing:

mount /testfs1

At this point, the logical volume is renamed and available for use.

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