Thursday, 4 July 2013

Manually Mounting a USB Drive on the HMC

Technote (FAQ)

What is the device name used when manually mounting USB device on the HMC.


HMC commands that support various backup or recovery operations to a USB drive will take care of mounting the device for you. There are times when debug operations are necessary and a USB device might be used to copy or retrieve files from. Knowing what the USB device name is in order to manually mount it will be key.


In order to manually mount a USB drive on an HMC you will need to become root by means of the pesh application. Instructions for using pesh can be found in another document referenced at the end of this technote. Once you have become root then you insert the USB drive into the HMC and manually run the mount command.

Check what the mount point is for a USB device
# lsmediadev -> most times the usb flash mount point is /media/sdd1

Inserted the USB flash drive.
# mount /media/sdd1

Once the USB flash drive is mounted then you can copy files from the device to the HMC or to the device as required for debug purposes. 

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  1. why cant i delete files from the usb drive?