Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Importvg PowerHA(HACMP)

There is a slight difference when we deal with importvg  in  PowerHA(HACMP) cluster environment. We need to give additional flag  “V”  it’s  major number .

1) First get the major number 

    For the volume group  disk without a PVID
      # ls -l /dev/<volume_group_name> # to get the major number
    For the volume group  disk with a PVID
      # ls -l /dev/applvg  
crw-rw---- 1 root system 48, 0 Jul 16 23:02 applvg

Note: here  "applvg" is volume_group_name

2) Importvg

# importvg -V <major_number> -y <volume_group_name> <hdisk_number> 
# improtvg -V 48 -y applvg hdisk7 

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