Thursday, 27 June 2013

Prominent UNIX tools

Much like a vernacular, the universe of UNIX tools changes almost perpetually. New tools crop up frequently, while others are eternally modernized and adapted to suit emerging best practices. Certain tools are used commonly; others are used more infrequently. Some tools are perennial; occasionally, some are obsoleted outright. To speak UNIX fluently, you have to keep up with the "lingo."

 Prominent UNIX tools

CygwinA UNIX-like shell and build environment for the Windows® operating system.
fishA highly interactive shell with automatic expansion and colored syntax for command names, options, and file names.
locateBuild and search a database of all files
renameRename large collections of files en masse
rsyncEfficiently synchronize files and directories, locally and remotely
ScreenCreate and manage virtual, persistent consoles
SquirrelA cross-platform scripting shell
tacPrint input in reverse order, last line first (tac is the reverse of cat)
typeReveal whether a command is an alias, an executable, a shell built in, or a script
wgetDownload files using the command line
zshAn advanced shell featuring automatic completion, advanced redirection operands, and advanced substitutions

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