Friday, 21 June 2013

AIX Certification Link

I have been asked by many people about certification in AIX. You will have good advantage being a certified professional.

Here are the  links for the Certifications which are conducted by IBM on Power Systems ( AIX on Systemp falls under this )

Expecially for AIX this is the link

IBM Certified System Administrator - AIX 7 (

Test information:

  • Number of questions: 72
  • Time allowed in minutes: 90
  • Required passing score: 58%
  • Test languages: English
Note: There are 72 scored items and 7 unscored items.

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

  • The qualified candidate is expected to have skills in the following areas:
  • Configure and manage networking in AIX 
  • Manage and configure VIO client partitions
  • Manage devices
  • Manage storage
  • Use HMC and SDMC to manage system resources
  • Perform user administration tasks (such as limiting resources, creating/using groups, etc). 
  • Have strong knowledge of system backup and recovery
  • Have strong and AIX installation and maintenance skills
  • Configuring and managing system security
  • Use NIM, WPAR Manager and Systems Director (base product)
  • Understand PowerVM components such as AME, AMS, Shared Processor Pools, etc.
In-order to enroll the particular exam, you can choose any of Prometric Center near to you.

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