Thursday, 16 May 2013

Important Files In AIX

Important Files In Aix...!!!


 lists environment attributes for each user
 lists last login attributes for each user
  lists process resource limits for each user
 lists extended user attributes for  each user
 lists default attributes for new users
 script that sets up the user's environment
 lists basic user attributes for each user
  contains password information for each user
  lists login security information for each user
 contains users that are logged into the system, used by the "who" command
  contains connect time information for users
 contains unsuccessful login attempts
  message of the day that is displayed when the user logs in.
 lists the default environment that new processes will use.
  environment settings for all  users
  environment settings for a specific user
  lists attributes for each group
  lists extended attributes for each group

Important /etc/security/user attributes to know about:

true or false
Expiration time for a user account.  MMDDHHMMYY,  a value of 0 indicates no expiration
Number of invalid login attempts before a users is not allowed to login.  A value of 0 indicates this attribute is disabled.
Maximum number of weeks a password is valid, a value of 0 indicates unlimited
Minimum number of weeks between password changes.

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