Monday, 20 May 2013

Get the HMC IP address from LPAR

Something you may need to access the HMC of a AIX system but if you don't remember the IP address and don't have an up to date documentation, this information can lost. This page give a small tip to retrieve the HMC IP address directly from the AIX system itself.

To get the HMC IP address from one of the LPARs, type the following command as root:

Command: finding the HMC IP address
$ lsrsrc IBM.ManagementServer

Resource Persistent Attributes for IBM.ManagementServer
resource 1:
Name             = "″
Hostname         = "″
ManagerType      = "HMC"
LocalHostname    = "ldap1-en1″
ClusterTM        = "9078-160″
ClusterSNum      = ""
ActivePeerDomain = ""
NodeNameList     = {"lpar1"}
So in this case, the HMC IP address is

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