Thursday, 16 May 2013

Decommission AIX partition

This activity depends and changes according the company environment , but also these are the common steps that can be helpful to decommission a server( say AIX LPAR)

  • Take a mksysb image from a partition.
  • Make sure that filesystem and applications backups are up to date and backups can be found from TSM or from any backup Tool used in the Environment ( llike Veritas Backup etc..)
  • Inform monitoring team that partition is going to be removed and monitoring should be stopped.
  • Stop applications on lpar.
  • Inform storage team that partition is going to be removed, they will handle the backups.
  • Inform Monitoring team that ip-addresses from that partition can be freed.
  • Inform network team that partition is going to be removed .Also inform network team if there is any physical cabling, switch ports needs to be shut down.
  • Update documentation  (other system documentation) for the Future reference.
  • Remove volumegroups, filesystems and logical units from server.
  • Remove logical units from disk systems.
  • Stop lpar.
  • Remove lpar profile with HMC.

Inform to all the teams regarding the System decommissioned .

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