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Virtual I/O Server - Commands V

Network Configuration :

TCP/IP Configation:

To configure tcpip on a network interface :
# mktcpip -hostname sys01vio2 -inetaddr -interface en2 -netmask -gateway -nsrvdomain -start
To display the stored tcp/ip configuration in the system :
# lstcpip –stored
To display ethernet adapters on the system :
# lstcpip –adapters
To display the system hostname :
# lstcpip –hostname
To display DNS name servers in search order and domain name :
# lstcpip –namesrv
To display the routing table :
# lstcpip –routtable
To display routing table in numeric output instead of hostname :
# lsctpip –num –routtable
To display all the open inet sockets :
# lstcpip –sockets –family inet
To display the status of all configured interfaces :
# lstcpip –state
To remove all TCP/IP configuration :
# rmtcpip –all
To unconfigure tcpip in en0:
# rmtcpip –interface en0
To cleanup static routing table :
# rmtcpip –f -routing
To remove IP information from en0 after reboot :
# rmtcpip –f –interface en0 -nextboot
To remove DNS information and clears the hosts file :
# rmcpip –namesrv

Managing IP address-to-host name Mapping Entries:

To add IP address-to-host name mapping entry :
# hostmap -addr -host alpha
To list all IP address-to-host name mapping entries :
# hostmap –ls
To delete the IP address-to-host name mapping entry :
# hostmap-rm

Managing Network Services:

To enable all the network services :
# startnetsvc ALL
To enable the telnet daemon :
# startnetsvc telnet
To enable the ftp daemon :
# startnetsvc ftp
To enable the ssh daemon :
# startnetsvc ssh
To enable the ldap daemon :
# startnetsvc ldap
To enable the cimserver daemon :
# startnetsvc cimserver
To enable the xntpd daemon :
# startnetsvc xntpd
To send CLI tracing details to the system log :
# startnetsvc tracelog
To send system error to the system log :
# startnetsvc errorlog
To disable all the network services :
# stopnetsvc ALL
To disable the telnet daemon :
# stopnetsvc telnet
To disable the ftp daemon :
# stopnetsvc ftp
To disable the ssh daemon :
# stopnetsvc ssh
To disable the ldap daemon :
# stopnetsvc ldap
To disable the cimserver daemon :
# stopnetsvc cimserver
To disable the xntpd daemon :
stopnetsvc xntpd
To stop sending CLI tracing details to system log :
# stopnetsvc tracelog
To stop sending system error log to the system log :
# stopnetsvc errorlog -
To display the status of ftp network service :
# lsnetsvc ftp

Managing DNS, Domain and Search Order Entries:

To add a domain entry :
# cfgnamesrv -add -dname
To add a name server entry :
# cfgnamesrv –add -ipaddr
To display all the DNS entries :
# cfgnamesrv -ls

Network Tuning Parameters:

To display the maximum size of the mbuf pool :
# optimizenet –get thewall
To set a machine as internet work router over TCP/IP networks :
# optimizenet –set ipforwarding=1
To display information on udp_recvspace :
# optimizenet –h udp_recvspace

Network Monitoring:

To display all the statistics, including the device- specific statistics :
# entstat ent0
To reset all the statistics back to their initial values :
# entstat –reset ent0
To display the route to a particular host :
# traceroute

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