Monday, 15 April 2013

Virtual I/O Server - Commands II

Device Management:

To change the attribute of a device permanently.
# chdev -dev scsi0 -attr id=6 -perm

Sometimes it reboots the system if perm is used

To disable the path between hdisk1 and scsi0 :
# chpath -dev hdisk1 -pdev scsi0 -op disable

To configures the devices in the VIO server :
# cfgdev

To configures the devices attached to scsi0 adapter :
# cfgdev –dev

To unconfigure the cd-rom device :
# rmdev –dev cd0

To unconfigure scsi adapter and its child devices :
# rmdev –recursive –dev scsi1

To unconfigures the children of pci1 but not the PCI bus pci1 :
# rmdev –pdev pci1

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