Friday, 26 April 2013

Steps To Increase/Decrease A FS Size-AIX

A FS once created, can be increased (for jfs/jfs2) or decreased (for jfs2) as per the end user requirements by the administrator.

Increasing the FS will automatically increase the size of LV. Increase the size of LV will not increase the size of FS but will make provision for increasing the size of FS later when required.

Making size of the filesystem to exact size:
# chfs –a size =1G /ora
This command will  make the size of /ora FS  equal to 1 GB.

To raise the size by 1 GB will alter the above command as follows:
# chfs –a size =+1G  /ora
To verify the above command is executed properly or not:
# lsfs
# df –g

Steps involved to reduce/decrease the size of FS

Reduction of size is only possible for jfs2 types of FS. Reduction is not possible in jfs type of FS. Also, one of the limitations of a LVM is that reduction of size of LV is not possible. Refer:
Run the following command to reduce the size of FS:
# chfs –a size =512M /ora
# chfs –a size =-512M /ora
Verify the same by:
# lsfs
# df –m
chfs command is basically used when needs to increase the size of FS for end user as per the requirement.

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  1. only a correction... " chfs –a size=-512M /ora " no space between size and #M. thnx