Friday, 19 April 2013

SRC (System Resource Controller) commands in AIX

Command  Description
lssrc -a   To list the status of all subsystems
lssrc -h node1-a  To list the status of all subsystems  on foreign host node1
lssrc -s inetd    To list the status of the subsystem inetd
lssrc -g tcpip    To get the status of the subsystem group tcpip 
startsrc -s inetd   To start the subsystem inetd
startsrc -g tcpip   To start the subsystem group tcpip
stopsrc -s inetd   To stop the subsystem inetd (If process is under srcmstr. ie PPID of process=PID of srcmstr)
stopsrc -g tcpip    To stop the subsystem group tcpip
refresh -s nfsd     To refresh nfsd subsystem
refresh -g tcpip    To refresh tcpip subsystem group
lssrc -p [PID of process] To get  status of the subsystem by process ID 
kill  [PID of process]  To kill a process that not started by srcmstr 
mkssys      To add a subsystem
rmssys -s kerberos    To remove the subsystem kerberos
chssys -s kerb -s kad  To rename the subsystem kerb to kad

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