Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Some Interesting Facts About mksysb

1.     mksysb does not include data on raw devices in its backup image.

2.     mksysb does not include user-defined paging space in backup image.

3.     In case we use remote-mounted /usr files system, the system cannot be re-installed from a backup image.

4.     While doing mksysb restore, all device configurations for special features may not be restored. e.g /dev/netbios and the device drivers not shipped with the product.

5.     The mksysb command uses “backup” command at the backend to create the backup archive image.

6.     The command saves Extended Attributes format for any JFS2 file systems being backed up. The information is stored by using /usr/bin/mkvgdata shell script.

7.     What to do if mksysb is prepared on rspc servers which don’t support booting from tape:

a.     Boot from CDROM.

b.     Enter maintenance mode.

c.     Install the system backup from tape.

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