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SAN Switch cheat sheet

M-Series (Mcdata) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands.
commadelimToggle comma-demlimited display mode
configconfigure settings
loginlogin into CLI with different access rights
maintmaintenance settings
perfPerformance statistics
reservedreserved for future development
showdisplay attributes
featuresconfigure feature settings
ipconfigure IP settings
logoutlogout of the CLI
portconfigure port data
securityconfigure security settings
snmpconfigure snmp
switchconfigure switch data
systemconfigure system data
zoningconfgiure zoning settings
There are several commands that allow you to navigate through the switch "..", "ctrl-U" and "root" .
M-Series (Mcdata) zoning commands are detailed in the below table
showactiveshow actively running zoneSet
clearzoneclear WWN's in a zone
deletezoneremove zone from running config
activezonesetactivation of changes
addzoneadd a new zone to the working area
addwwnmemadd a WWN to a zone
showpendingshow pending zones
renamezonerename a zone
deletewwndelete a WWN from a zone
renamezonesetrename a zone set
Zoning limits
  • 64 zone sets (max)
  • 2000 zones (max)
  • 1024 zones per zone set (max)
  • deafult should all ways be disabled (causes all port to see each other creating ghosts in a FA's login table)
B-Series (Brocade) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands.
helpprints available commands
switchdisableddisable the switch
switchenableenable the switch
licensehelplicense commands
diaghelpdiagnostic commands
configurechange switch parameters (BB credits, etc)
diagshowPOST results since last boot
routehelprouting commands
switchshowdisplay switch show (normally first command to run to obtain switch configuration)
supportshowfull detailed switch info
portshow #display port info
nsshownamesever contents
nsallshowNS for full fabric
fabricshowFabric information
versionfirmware code revision
rebootfull reboot with POST
fastbootreboot without POST
B-Series (Brocade) zoning commands are detailed in the below table
zonecreate (zone)create a zone
zoneshowshows defined and effective zones and configurations
zoneaddadds a member to a zone
zoneremoveremoves a member from a zone
zonedeletedelete a zone
cfgcreate (zoneset)create a zoneset configuration
cfgaddadds a zone to a zone configuration
cfgshowdisplay the zoning information
cfgenableenable a zone set
cfgsavesaves defined config to all switches in fabric across reboots
cfgremoveremoves a zone from a zone configuration
cfgdeletedeletes a zone from a zone configuration
cfgclearclears all zoning information (must disable the effective config first)
cfgdisabledisables the effective zone set
B-series creating a zone commands
Creating zone by WWNzonecreate "zone1", "20:00:00:e0:69:40:07:08 ; 50:06:04:82:b8:90:c1:8d"
Create a zone configurationcfgcreate "test_cfg", "zone1 ; zone2"
saving the zone configurationcfgsave (this will save across reboots)
enable the zone configurationcfgenable "test_cfg"
saving the zone configurationcfgsave
view zoning informationzoneshow or cfgshow
B-Series (Cisco) switches uses both web and CLI, the table below displays some but not all the CLI commands, the ones highlighted will be the ones used most often.
EXEC mode commands:
attachconnect to a specific linecard
biosBIOS related commands
callhomecallhome commands
clearreset functions
clockmanage the system clock
configenter configuration mode
debugdebug functions
discoverdiscover information
exitexit ffrom the submode
fcpingPing a N_Port
fctracetrace a route for a N_Port
loadload system image
nodisable debugging functions
reloadreboot the switch
setuprun the basic setup command facility
showdisplay running system information
systemsystem management commands
testtest command
writewrite the current configuration
zonezoning server commands
CONFIG mode commands:
aaaconfig aaa
bootconfigure boot variables
callhomeenter the callhome configuration mode
clockconfigure time and date
fcaliasfcalias configuration commands
fcanalyzerconfigure fabric analyzer
fccconfigure FCC congestion control
fcdomainenter the fcdomain configuration mode
fcdroplatencyconfigure switch or network latency
fcflowconfigure fcflow
fcinteropinterop commands
fcnsName server configuration
fcrouteconfigure FC routes
fcsConfigure fabric config server
fctimerconfigure fibre channel timers
fspfconfigure fspf
interfaceselect an interface to configure
ipconfigure IP features
noNegate a command or set its default
ntpNTP configuration
powerconfigure power supply
poweroffpower off module in switch
qosConfigure priority of FC control frames
radius-serverconfigure radius related parameters
roleconfigure roles
snmp-serverconfigure snmp
spanenter SPAN configuration mode
sshconfigure ssh parameters
switchnameconfigure systems network name
systemsystem config command
trunkconfigure switch wide trunk protocol
usernameconfigure username information
vsanenter the vsan configuration mode
zonezoning configuration commands
zonesetzoneset configuration commands
There are several commands that allow you to navigate through the switch "cd", "copy", "dir", "find", "mkdir", "move", "rmdir" and "tail".
MDS-series creating a zone
create a zone and place it in the vsan# zone name testzone1 vsan 4
add a member (port wwn example)# member pwwn 10:00:00:00:c9:21:40:b8 (port on the host)
add a member (fabric port wwn example)# member fwwn 10:01:10:01:10:ab:cd:ef (port on the switch)
add a member (FCID example - hard zoning)# member fcid 0x7f0000 (24 bit address)
add a member (FC alias example)# member fcalias payroll
MDS-series common commands
display logged in WWN, display vsan information# show flogi database
display the specific vsan logins# show fcns database vsan 4
activatng a zoneset# zoneset activate name zone1 vsan 4
delete a zoneset# clear zone dataabse vsan 4
configure the default zone# zone default-zone permit vsan 4
display zones and zonsets# show zoneset active
# show zoneset
# show zoneset active vsan 4
copy active zone set to the full zone set# zone copy active-zoneset full-zoneset vsan 4
distribute the full zoning database to others switches# zoneset distribute full vsan 4

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