Friday, 26 April 2013

Printer AIX

Commands to give print to a job:
# lp
# lpr: for eg: # lpr –p <printername> <filename> : will print the file to a specific printer.
# qprt
# enq
Each job sent for print has a print job number associated with it.
Commands to check the status of print jobs:
# lpq
# lpstat
# qchk
# enq –A
Commands to cancel the print jobs:
# cancel
# lprm
# qcan
#enq –X
Enqenq -Aenq -X
Advanced Concepts:
Print Subsystem:
There are 5 different types of print subsystem available:
1.       AIX Print Subsystem
2.       Print directly to local printer
3.       System V Print Subsystem
4.       Print directly to remote printer
5.       Info print manager
To show current print subsystem:
# switch.prt –d
To change current print subsystem:
# switch.prt –s AIX
# switch.prt –d AIX
# switch.prt –s System V
# switch.prt –d System V
Printer Workflow:
End user sends a request to print a file using any of the print commands (lp,lpr,qprt,enq) to the print queue.
The request goes to /var/spool/lpd/qdir
A copy of the request goes to the spool directory /var/spool/qdaemon
/qdaemon gets notified of the request in /qdir
/qdaemon checks for availability of the queue in /etc/qconfig
Once queue is ready, /qdaemon updates /var/spool/lpd/stat to start processing the request in the queue
Printer Interface:
There are 3 types of printer interface available:
To enable a queue whose status is Down (only user with admin privileges can run this command):
# enable queuename
To disable a queue whose status is Ready (only user with admin privileges can run this command):
# disable queuename
To move jobs between queues in AIX:
# qmov –m <queuename> -# <jobnumber>

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