Tuesday, 23 April 2013

How to tell which PowerVM Editions feature was ordered


PowerVM Editions (Formerly Advanced POWER Virtualization - APV) comes in three options:
Express, Standard, Enterprise. How do you know which one you have when reviewing the VET code on the POD website?


The VET code from the Capacity on Demand Activation Code website (http://www-912.ibm.com/pod/pod) has been entered but you still don't see the option to create a VIO server from the HMC


The wrong PowerVM Editions feature has been ordered.


HMC attached systems

Resolving the problem

In order for a system to be VIO Server capable for use on an HMC-managed system, it must have at least the Standard PowerVM code. Systems with the Express PowerVM code are non-HMC managed only but can be used for Integrated Virtualization Manager (IVM) with up to three partitions on the server.

Here's how you can tell which PowerVM Edition feature has been ordered from the VET code listing in the Capacity on Demand Activation Code website found here: http://www-912.ibm.com/pod/pod

Use bits 25-28 from the VET code listed on that website.
Sample VET codes:

0000 = Reset to base defaults (No PowerVM)
1xxx = Express
2c00 = Standard
2c20 = Enterprise
More information about each PowerVM Editions can be found here:


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