Friday, 19 April 2013

How to create a Virtual Media Repository in IBM VIO Server

This procedure is valid for VIO server version 1.5 or higher ONLY.

1) Log on the VIO server as the user padmin

2) Verify if the repository is already configured:

   $ lsrep 
The DVD repository has not been created yet.

3) Create the Virtual Media Repository of 10 GB in size in the rootvg volume group:

   $ mkrep -sp rootvg -size 10G

4) Verify:

   $ lsrep
   Size(mb) Free(mb) Parent Pool Parent Size Parent Free
   10198 10198 rootvg 279552 222720

5) On an existing AIX server, create a mksysb image as an ISO using the mkcd or mkdvd command:

   # /usr/sbin/mkcd -I /mksysb -e -R -S -L
The image created will be stored in /mksysb. I renamed this image as mkdvd.aixserver1

6) Now copy this newly created ISO into the home of the padmin user on the VIO server:

$ scp myuser@aixserver1:/mksysbt/mkdvd.aixserver1

7) Issue the following command to copy this image into the Repository:

  $ mkvopt -name mkdvd_aixserver1 -file mkdvd.aixserver1

8) Verify:

  $ lsrep
   Size(mb) Free(mb) Parent Pool         Parent Size      Parent Free
   10198     7911 rootvg                   279552           222720
   Name                           File Size Optical         Access
   mkdvd_aixserver1                     2287 vtopt0          rw

9) Remove the ISO in padmin's home:

   $ rm mkdvd.aixserver1

10) Assign this file based optical device to a vhost (vhost6 in my case):

   $ mkvdev -fbo -vadapter vhost6

11) Load the ISO into the optical device:

   $ loadopt -disk mkdvd_tsmdq01 -vtd vtopt0

12) Verify:

   $ lsvopt

13) Boot the LPAR

Now, when you boot the LPAR, you will see a CD device (cd0) or if the vhost which you assigned this optical device to is already up and running, you can run cfgmgr to see it:
   # cfgmgr
   # lsdev|grep cd

14) Once you finish with this optical device on the LPAR, unload the ISO:

   $ unloadopt -vtd vtopt0

15) Verify:

   $ lsvopt
    VTD             Media                                   Size(mb)
    vtopt0          No Media                                     n/a
   mkrep -sp rootvg -size 10G...

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