Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Export a Share in Windows to AIX using CIFS


How to export a share in Windows and mount the share on AIX using CIFS.


Share the directory on the Windows server.
NOTE: Windows menus might vary, depending on the version of windows you are running.Right click on the directory you want to share, Select the "Sharing" tab and "Share this folder" and
Click "Ok" or "APPLY".

To check the directory was correctly shared open a DOS prompt and type "net share".

Install the CIFS client filesets for AIX, and reboot the system, since they are "bos" base operating system filesets.
The AIX client should have the following filesets installed.
# lslpp -L |grep cifs
bos.cifs_fs.rte Runtime for SMBFS
bos.cifs_fs.smit SMIT Interface for SMBFS
The following ports must be allowed through all Firewalls: 137,138,139 and 445.
To mount the share you could either use the command below or smitty cifs_fs.
# mount -v cifs -n <server>/<user>/<passwd> -o wrkgrp=<work_group_name>,fmode=755 /<share> /<mount_point>
The user must exist on Windows, and you must provide the workgroup or domain that windows is using.
If you are not sure of the windows workgroup or domain, check the following in windows.

Right Click on "My Computer" and select Properties.

To mount the directory using smit menus.
#smitty cifs_fs
>>Add/Mount a CIFS File System
Remove/Unmount a CIFS File System
Change a CIFS File System
List CIFS File Systems
Credential configuration
* Pathname of mount point [/mnt]
* SERVER Name [pc-hostname]
* USER Name [userwin]
Password [testpass]
* Share name [/testcifs]
* Mount READ-ONLY [no]
uid [0]
gid [0]
fmode [755]
Domain to Authenticate against [WORKGROUP]
* Mount now, add entry to /etc/filesystems, or both [Both]
* /etc/filesystems entry will mount on start [no]
Mount type name [ ]
Now the AIX client will be able to access the shared directory from windows.

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