Friday, 19 April 2013

Device Related Commands in AIX

cfgmgr                 To configure devices and installs device software in system

cfgmgr -l vscsi0     To configure the components connected to the vscsi0 interface

lscfg                          To display config, diagnostics and vital product definition info

lscfg -l mem0         Display info about device mem0

lscfg -l ent*
            Display info about all Ethernet cards

lscfg -v
                   Display vpd

lscfg -v -l hdisk0       Display vpd of hdisk0

mkdev -l rmt0         To change device rmt0 from defined state to available state

lsdev -P                  To lists all supported devices

lsdev -P -c disk        To list all supported disks

lsdev -P -r class        To display supported class

lsdev -P -r subclass  To display all sub class

lsdev -C                  To lists all configured devices

lsdev -C -l mem0     To display the properties of mem0

chdev -l sys0 -a maxproc=100   To change default maxproc value to 100/user

chdev -l rmt0 -a blocksize=512  To change the block size to 512

chdev -l rmt0 -a ret=no            To avoid tape retension

rmdev -l rmt0                           To remove the device rmt0

rmdev -dl rmt0                         To remove the device totally from database

rmdev -l rmt0 -S                          
 To change the state of the device stopped

lsparent -C -k rs232                 To display possible parent devices which accept rs232 devices

lsparent -C -l hdisk0                 To display parent devices which accept child device hdisk0

lsattr -Dl rmt0                         To see the default values of the device rmt0

lsattr -El rmt0                         To see the current values of the device rmt0

lsattr -El tty0 -a login -R           To see all possible values of the login attribute of tty0

lsconn -p scsi0                        To list all possible connection scsi0 can accept

lvlstmajor                               To list the available major numbers

mknod /dev/null c 2 2              Create null device with major (2) and minor (2) nos. (c - char device)

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