Friday, 19 April 2013

Configuring virtual tape in VIOS


Step by Step Virtual Tape Drive Configuration


Virtual Tape supported at VIOS 2.1 with added fixes at VIOS v2.1.0.10-FP20.1

Resolving the problem

  • VIOS v2.1.0.0 or higher (v2.1.0.10-FP20.1 is the minimum recommended)
  • Supports SAS-attached tape drives only
  • New configuration allows physical tape devices to be virtualized
  • Supported client OS
    • AIX 5.3 TL 09 or higher
    • AIX 6.1 TL 03 or higher
    • LINUX
    • i5/OS (IBM i)
VIOS partition with NON-target tape (Not a SAS tape drive )
$ lsdev -type tape
name status description
rmt0 Available SCSI 4mm Tape Drive

VIOS Partition with a target SAS tape drive
Step 1:
$ lsdev -type tape
name status description
rmt0 Available SAS 4mm Tape Drive

To list all devices of type "tape" that can be used as backing devices, type
$ lsdev -type tape4vtd
name status description
rmt0 Available SAS 4mm Tape Drive

To export a physical tape drive to a client as a virtual tape drive.
step 2:
$ mkvdev -vdev rmt0 -vadapter vhost0
vttape0 Available

To list all virtual target tape devices
step 3:
$ lsdev -type tape -virtual
vttape0 Available Virtual Target Device - Tape

step 4:
$ lsmap -all -type tape
SVSA Physloc Client Partition ID
-------------- ------------------------- -------------------
vhost0 U8203.E4A.10D4431-V2-C11 0x00000004
VTD vttape0
Status Available
LUN 0x8100000000000000
Backing device rmt0
Physloc U789C.001.DQD2684-P1-C4-T1-L900-L0

step 5:
Run cfgmgr on client partition to configure the virtual tape drive
Note: If the physical tape drive is currently used as a backing device and you want to use it locally on the VIOS (i.e to create a backupios), the Virtual Target Device (VTD) must be removed or set in a Defined state first, or you can also choose to remove the backing device
To remove VTD, vttape0, type
$ rmvdev -vtd vttape0

To put VTD, vttape0, in a Defined state, type
$ rmdev -dev vttape0 -ucfg

To remove the backing device
$ rmvdev -vdev rmt0

Note: The VIO Server cannot use Atape drive when attempting to virtualize a SAS tape drive such as the 3580 to AIX client lpar. The Atape driver can be used on the running AIX client lpar.

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