Thursday, 18 April 2013

Brian Smith's AIX Projects

prdiff - Shows differences between LPAR profiles and their running configs.  You should run this before you shutdown any LPAR's to ensure the LPAR profile is in sync with the running configuration.

pslot - Validates and optionally visualizes Virtual Fibre Channel and Virtual SCSI slots.   If you have a medium to large PowerVM environment this will almost certainly find issues with your configuration that you want to fix.   It can optionally produce nice diagrams of your virtual slot layouts as well.

EZH - The Easy HMC command line interface.   If you would like to use the HMC command line interface more instead of the HMC GUI but you are frustrated with the native HMC command line interface then EZH is for you.   It provides a very simple command line interface to the most common HMC functions and also provides a lot of new functionality not available in the native HMC command line interface.

npivgraph - This utility produces detailed visual diagrams of your PowerVM NPIV environment.   This is extremely useful for troubleshooting, understanding, and architecting NPIV systems.   Plus the graphs will totally impress your boss!

graphlvm - This one generates visual diagrams of your physical volumes, volume groups, logical volumes, and filesystems.  Makes it very easy to see where your data is stored and to understand how everything relates to each other in the LVM.

vethgraph - This utility visualizes your Virtual Ethernet VLAN's.  Again, these graphs will totally impress your boss and make it easier for you to troubleshoot the environment.

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