Tuesday, 16 April 2013

AIX Version 7.1 -features & benifits

AIX Workload Partitions
AIX 5.2 WPARs for AIX 7 (separate product)
Live Application Mobility
AIX Live Partition Mobility
Multiple Shared Processor Pools
Shared Dedicated Processors
Role Based Access Control
Domain support for Role Based Access Control
Encrypting Filesystem with hardware acceleration
Trusted AIX
AIX Security Expert
Secure by Default
Trusted Execution
Filesystem Permissions Tool
Near-continuous Availability
Cluster Aware AIX
Firmware Assisted Dump
Concurrent AIX Updates
Storage Keys
Dynamic Tracing
Enhanced First Failure Data Capture
Nonintrusive Service Aids
Functional Recovery Routines
1024 thread/256 core scalability
AIX Workload Partitions
Live Application Mobility
PowerVM Workload Partitions Manager
AIX Live Partition Mobility
IBM System Director Console for AIX
Automatic Variable Page Size
Terabyte Segment Size
AIX Profile Manager
IBM Systems Director agent included in base AIX installation
AIX Event Infrastructure
Supported versions of openssh and openssl included on base AIX installation media

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