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Manufacturer Links

General Information
In-depth information from IBM:

For pSeries document library, click here

AIX Documents:

For AIX 7.1 reference Click here
For Aix 6.1 reference Click here
For Aix 5.3 reference Click here
For Aix 5.2 reference Click here
For Aix 5.1 reference Click here

Some important AIX redbooks for Unix Admins:

IBM pSeries AIX System Administration - Certification study guide
AIX 5L Difference Guide - 5.3 Version
AIX 5L performance and system Tuning
AIX 5L Problem solving and troubleshooting
Aix 5L Communications - Certification study guide
AIX Logical Volume Manager - A to Z
TCP/IP tutorial and technical overview

Updates, Release management
Hardware, Firmware
Other Software
Performance Tuning
AIX Virtual User Group
Sites with more AIX info
AIX Shareware and Freeware Websites:

Aix toolbox for linux applications - Open source packages available in for installation on AIX 4.3.3 and 5L

Public domain software Library for Aix - You can find almost all the freeware software for AIX in both binary and source code format.

Bull's large open source archive for AIX - Another excellent web site for AIX open source archive in bff format including gcc, perl, openssh, apache and more

AIX Open Source Packages

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