Sunday, 31 March 2013

Removing ODM information of a logical volume

Sometimes situations occur where a logical volume is deleted, but the ODM is not up to date. E.g. when "lsvg -l" doesn't show you the logical volume, but the lslv command can still show information about the logical volume. Not good.

To resolve this issue, first try:
# synclvodm -v [volume group name]
If that doesn't work, try this: (in the example below logical volume hd7 is used). Save the ODM information of the logical volume:
# odmget -q name=hd7 CuDv | tee -a /tmp/CuDv.hd7.out
# odmget -q name=hd7 CuAt | tee -a /tmp/CuAt.hd7.out

If you mess things up, you can allways use the following command to restore the ODM information:
# odmadd /tmp/[filename]

Delete the ODM information of the logical volume:
# odmdelete -o CuDv -q name=hd7
# odmdelete -o CuAt -q name=hd7

Then, remove the device entry of the logical volume in the /dev directory (if present at all). 

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