Sunday, 31 March 2013

How to cleanup AIX EMC ODM definitions

1. Before making any changes, collect host logs to document the current configuration

At a minimum, save the following:
lsdev -Cc disk
lsdev -Cc adapter

2. Shutdown the application(s), unmount the file system(s), and varyoff all volume groups except for rootvg. Do not export the volume groups.

# varyoffvg <vg_name>
Check with lsvg -o (confirm that only rootvg is varied on)
If no PowerPath, skip all steps with power names.

3. For CLARiiON configuration, if Navisphere Agent is running, stop it:

# /etc/rc.agent stop

4. Remove paths from Powerpath configuration:

# powermt remove hba=all

5. Delete all hdiskpower devices:

# lsdev -Cc disk -Fname | grep power | xargs -n1 rmdev -dl

6. Remove the PowerPath driver instance:

# rmdev -dl powerpath0

7. Delete all hdisk devices:

For Symmetrix devices, use this command:
# lsdev -CtSYMM* -Fname | xargs -n1 rmdev -dl

8. For CLARiiON devices, use this command:

# lsdev -CtCLAR* -Fname | xargs -n1 rmdev -dl
Confirm with lsdev -Cc disk that there are no EMC hdisks or hdiskpowers.

9. Remove all Fiber driver instances:

# rmdev -Rdl fscsiX
 (X being driver instance number, i.e. 0,1,2, etc.)

 Verify through lsdev -Cc driver that there are no more fiber driver instances (fscsi).

10. Change the adapter instances in Defined state

# rmdev -l fcsX
(X being adapter instance number, i.e. 0,1,2, etc.)

11. Create the hdisk entries for all EMC devices:

# emc_cfgmgr

 #cfgmgr -vl fcsx

 (x being each adapter instance which was rebuilt). Skip this part if no PowerPath

12. Configure all EMC devices into PowerPath:

# powermt config

13. Check the system to see if it now displays correctly:

# powermt display
 # powermt display dev=all
 # lsdev -Cc disk

 # /etc/rc.agent start

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