Thursday, 4 April 2013

Useful HACMP commands

clstat - show cluster state and substate; needs clinfo. If clinfo is inoperative this command will not work.
cldump - SNMP-based tool to show cluster state
cldisp - similar to cldump, perl script to show cluster state.
cltopinfo - list the local view of the cluster topology.
clshowsrv -a - list the local view of the cluster subsystems.
clfindres (-s) - locate the resource groups and display status.
clRGinfo -v - locate the resource groups and display status.
clrsh - cluster rsh program that take cluster node names as argument.
clgetactivenodes - which nodes are active?
get_local_nodename - what is the name of the local node?
clconfig - check the HACMP ODM.
cllsgrp - list the resource groups.
cllscf - list the network configuration of an hacmp cluster.
clshowres - show the resource group configuration.
cllsif - show network interface information.
cllsres - show short resource group information.
lssrc -ls clstrmgrES - list the cluster manager state.
lssrc -ls topsvcs - show heartbeat information.
cllsnode - list a node centric overview of the hacmp configuration.
For any operations like movement of RG or making them online/offline etc...use smitty hacmp  (Recommended).
Commands are -
clcycle - rotate some of the log files.
clRGmove - online/offline or move resource groups.
cldare - sync/fix the cluster.
clsnapshotinfo - create a large snapshot of the hacmp configuration.

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