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The best Shell Scripting links on the internet

Shell Scripting!
Script Libaries
O'Reilly Korn Shell Examples - Example scripts from O'Reilly's book Learning the Korn Shell.
Typhon (Portable Unix Toolkit) - Commercially distributed Korn shell scripts for text, file and directory processing. Also includes utilities for disk space management, performance analysis, system monitoring and security.
Unix Power Tools Scripts - Scripts from O'Reilly's Unix Power Tools in a tar archive.
/bin/sh - Home of HTSH, a platform for embedding shell commands and complete scripts in a webpage, as well as a small script library.
A Case for ZSH - An advocacy essay for zsh. FAQ
Introduction to the Unix Shell - Steve Bourne's original introduction to the original /bin/sh Bourne Shell.
Jsh Development Home - Development page for jsh, an OS independent shell with native java support. Links to download source and binaries.
Korn Shell Home - Ksh resources and documentation with multiple versions available to download.
pdksh - Public Domain Korn Shell. Manuals and links to download it.
Picking a Shell - Guide to selecting Unix/GNU-Linux shells.
Psh Development Home - Development page for psh, a native perl shell for Windows 95/98/2000 and POSIX operating systems. Documentation and mailing list archives available online, with source and binaries available for download.
Rc, the Plan 9 Shell - A command interpreter for the Plan 9 OS. The article contrasts rc with the Bourne shell, the closest Unix equivalent.
scsh - Portable unix shell, supporting the scheme programming language. FAQ, manual and links to download it.
Softpanorama Open Source University - Open content tutotials and other information on bash, ksh, zsh, etc.
Z Shell Information - News, documentation, and links to download zsh binaries.
Shell Scripting!
Advanced KSH Scripting - Excellent reference for complex Korn shell scripting.
awk FAQ - Frequently asked questions about the awk scripting language, a common feature of shell scripts.
BASH Scripting Guide - Introduction to scripting in the BASH environment.
BASH Scripting Howto - Concise guide to programming in the BASH environment.
Bashlib - A libarary used to write BASH shell scripts for CGI.
Bourne Shell Programming - A tutorial on a portable language for programming UNIX systems.
Bourne Shell Programming Tutorial - Comprehensive bourne shell/BASH tutorial, lots of example code.
Bourne Shell (sh) Programming Guide - Comprehensive guide to bourne shell scripting.
CGI Scripts Forum: Unix Shell Scripts - A searchable index of free CGI (web site) programs written as shell scripts.
Introduction to Shell Scripting - Introduction to shell scripting. Covers basics and relevant details for more advanced scripting.
Korn Shell Scripting - A shell scripting guide heavily geared towards the Korn shell.
KSH Scripting Guide - Guide to programming in the Korn shell environment.
Libservices - A simple library to allow shell scripts to access and edit /etc/services
PHP For Shell Scripts - Tutorial for using the PHP language for shell automation, hosted at
Shell Scripting Concepts - Intro to various shells and important scripting concepts, from the University of Melbourne.
Shell scripts and .profiles - from University of Sterling, UK.
Shells and Shell Scripts - from UW. - Links to sites with information on unix shells, including Bourne sh, ksh, bash, csh, and zsh. Also tips on shell scripting must-haves like sed, awk, and expr. 
BASH Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ file for the Bourne Again SHell.
Bash Wallet Card - Wallet card summarizing BASH shell use and features. In Adobe Acrobat format.
GNU BASH - GNU Bourne Again SHell. Manual and link to download BASH binaries.
Csh Programming Considered Harmful - famous flame from Tom Christiansen
CSH Scripting - Slim introduction to scripting in the C shell.
Csh Startup File FAQ - Frequently asked questions about startup files in the C shell.
NCSA's Csh Tutorial - A user's guide to the C shell, from the National Center for Supercomputing Applications.
Searchable CSH Manual - Hosted by University of Wisconsin-Madison.
tcsh - Expanded C shell. FAQ, user manual and links to download binaries.

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