Monday, 15 April 2013

How to update Virtual I/O Server ?

Follow the below steps to update your VIO server :

1. Shutdown the VIO clients. This would not be required in case of dual VIO setup.

2. Apply the update using the below command (you have to use the proper syntax)

# updateios

3. Reboot the Virtual I/O server

# shutdown -restart

4. Once the server comes back online, login and check the OS level

# ioslevel

5. After few weeks, you may have to commit the applied filesets

# updateios -commit

Here are the various ways of updating a Virtual I/O server

1. To update Virtual I/O server from a local directory

# updateios -dev /tmp/viopack -install -accept

2. To update Virtual I/O servers from remote filesystem

# mount NFS-server:/share-name /mnt
# updateios -dev /mnt -install -accept

3. To update Virtual I/O server from an Optical drive

# updateios -dev /dev/cd0 -install -accept

4. To commit all the uncommited filesets and then to update Virtual I/O server from an Optical drive and to

# updateios -f -dev /dev/cd0 -install -accept

Now let us look at the various uses of updateios command.

1. To commit  all the applied file sets

# udpateios -commit

2. To clean up after an interrupted installation

# updateios -cleanup

3. To reject all the applied (uncommited) filesets

# updateios -reject

4. To remove a fileststem from Virtual I/O server

# updateios -remove fileset-name

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