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GPFS on AIX–Basics & PV Migration


gpfs.base - GPFS File Manager
gpfs.msg.en_US - GPFS Server Messages - U.S. English - GPFS Server Manages and Documentation
GPFS commands are in a separate directory.
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin
Daemons, status
# ps -ef | grep mmfs
# mmlscluster
# mmlsconfig
# tail -f /var/adm/ras/mmfs.log.latest

PV migration

Collect information
Dump/Save current configuration 
# gpfs.snap
List active mounts
# mmlsmount all
File system foobar is mounted on 2 nodes. 
List storage pools
# mmlsfs all -P
File system attributes for /dev/foobar: 
flag value            description
---- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------
-P  system           Disk storage pools in file system
List disks in each filesystem
# mmlsfs all -d
File system attributes for /dev/foobar:  =====================================
flag value            description
---- ---------------- -----------------------------------------------------
-d  mycluster00nsd    Disks in file system
List current NSDs (network shared disks)
# mmlsnsd -M
Disk name    NSD volume ID      Device         Node name                Remarks
mycluster00nsd 0AEC13994BFCEEF7   /dev/hdisk7
mycluster00nsd 0AEC13994BFCEEF7   /dev/hdisk7
mycluster00nsd 0AEC13994BFCEEF7   -        (not found) directly attached
mmlsnsd: 6027-1370 The following nodes could not be reached:
List filesystem manager node(s)
# mmlsmgr
file system      manager node
---------------- ------------------
foobar    (host2)
Cluster manager node: (host2)
-Show the state of GPFS daemons on the local node:
# mmgetstate
Node number  Node name        GPFS state
       2      myhost2          active
- on all  cluster members:
# mmgetstate -a
Node number  Node name        GPFS state
       1      myhost1          active
       2      myhost2          active
       3      somexx1          unknown

Add new disk(s)

Configure new device 
# lspv
# cfgmgr
Verify new disk
# lspv
# lspath -l hdiskX
# errpt | head
Edit desc file
Disk name: hdiskX
Primary/Backup server: only for NFS
Disk usage: almost always 'dataAndMetadata'
Failure group: can be -1 when there are no other disks for failover, otherwise see 'mmdf $fs' -> failure group
Desired name: arbitrary; 'clusternameXXnsd' is suggested
Storage pool(s): see 'mmlsfs all -P'
The contents of the file is similar to this: 
Configure new disk(s) as NSD
# mmcrnsd -F /path/to/hdisk7.desc
Check NSDs
# mmlsnsd; mmlsnsd -F
Add disk to FS using the transformed desc file (mmcrnsd comments out the previous line and inserts a new one)
# mmadddisk foobar -F hdisk7.desc

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